Membership has it's Benefits!

Besides joining a great club with a fun, kind and supportive membership, excellent programs, and challenging competitions, there are many benefits to becoming a member of the Huntington Camera Club.

Mentoring program

Any B worker member can be assigned a club mentor if they choose. A mentor will work closely with a new member for guidance and education. The Mentor committee does its best to match Mentors and Mentees by need and interest. If a member really wants to learn the basics of their Nikon camera they will be assigned a Nikon expert as a mentor, but if they have a need to learn post processing they will be matched up with a post processing expert. You can keep your mentor for as long as you wish or be assigned a new one every year.

Member Resource List

The Huntington Camera Club has recently developed a member resource list of those members in the club who have filled out a questionnaire about their area(s) of expertise. If they have a particular talent or skill that they are willing to share with other members their name, skill and email will be on the list. So if you are really struggling with Luminosity Masks you can refer to the list and find a member who is an expert on Luminosity Masks. You can contact that person by email to ask a question or a make a plan to meet. Any member in the club can take advantage of the Resource List despite their skill level.

Club Outreach Program

Our club has done many programs to contribute to the arts and other charitable organizations in Huntington and to Huntington as a town in general. For instance, the club did a special project for Huntington Hospital where our photos were featured in a publicity brochure. This year the outreach program continues with members volunteering to take holiday photos at a battered women’s shelter and hold events raising money for the American Cancer Society. Several HCC members also volunteer to teach photography to children at the Sunrise Day Camp every year, and the High School Photo Competition continues to grow. This year the outreach Committee is taking on a new challenge by participating in the Josephine Herrick Project, teaching photography to veterans. The committee is always looking for new ideas.

PFLI Membership

As a member of the Huntington Camera Club you are automatically a member of the PFLI. PFLI, the Photographic Federation of Long Island is the calumniation of every photography club on Long Island and Queens. The Federation meets for a competition each month from October through June. PFLI also holds a number of special events including instructional seminars by leading experts in the fields of photography, digital photography and Photoshop as well as live photographic shoots.

Member Discounts

Members of the Huntington Camera Club receive a discount to Hunt’s Camera and Video with free shipping. Just call and ask for Gary Farber, Brian Maryansky, Alan Samiljan or John Duggin.

Some of our guest speakers offer discounts on their workshops & photography classes.

Field Trips

Our field trip committee was started a couple of years ago with a trip to the Adirondack Balloon Festival and has since taken trips up the Hudson River on a lighthouse tour, to Shenandoah National Park, and on the North Fork of Long Island. The committee has recently lead a trip to the Bronx Zoo and plans to go to Gantry Plaza State Park, among other locations, this year. Club members are notified by email when new plans are decided upon.

Group Photo Walks

In addition to field trips the club members regularly get together for group photo walks which will take place every 4-5 weeks to local sights. Sunrise, super moon and fall foliage walks are typical and the committee is open to new ideas from club members. Club members are notified by email when plans are decided upon.

Sunday Shooters

All club members and even non-members are invited to the Dix Hills Diner for breakfast EVERY Sunday morning, all year long to eat breakfast, discuss photography, and select places to shoot pictures. The Sunday Shooters usually find interesting places to go to such as Sunken Meadow State Park, The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, and Hicks Nursery on rainy days. Often there are both local and longer trips to choose from so that you can be home early to spend lunch with the family or take a trip to the city. The Shooters, often caravan or pile into one or two cars to share the expense of gas. Please feel free to join us. Members arrive as early as 7:30am to get into pre-breakfast discussions. Breakfast is ordered at 8:00am. The Dix Hills Diner is located at 1800 E. Jericho Turnpike, Huntington NY.