Our History

The Huntington Camera Club began in 1966, as an outgrowth of some Adult Education classes at the high school.  A few of the original members are still active in our club today.  The instructor for one of the courses was Nat Scherer, a professional photographer for Grumman, whose photos of the Lunar Module are still viewed.  The class members enjoyed the sessions so much that they signed up for a second year.  Then they started meeting in a member’s home and finally made arrangements to meet at the Huntington Library on Main Street.  Mr. Scherer was the first president.

In the early years of the club, the approximately 20 members were non-professionals. Our membership has grown since then and today we have a membership of 120.  While most members start as amateurs, many have achieved levels of competence equal to that of professionals.  Their success is in part due to the dedication and wealth of knowledge offered by the membership.  Our club has mentoring programs as well as a buddy system to help beginners get over hurdles in the complexity of digital cameras and the attendant need for computer technology.